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 To all new students

 We have posted an introductory video to everyone who is planning to enroll at TOYAMA elementary school.


Video link>>


For prevention of discrimination,the prejudice about the new coronavirus infectious disease(August 25, Reiwa 2)


I nominate all the staff in our school and will work on the prevention of discrimination,the prejudice.


image Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology site(message from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports,Science and Technology) >> 


What's New

   ・I published lerning instruction program for the year(October 12) in Reiwa 2 to give it an order to start.

   ・I published important point plan for scholastic ability improvement (October 2) in Reiwa 2 to give it an order to start.

   ・I published it about thorough healthy observation in the new school term(8/26)

   ・A request of the withdrawal of the school lunch fee.(a withdrawal day is August 11)

   ・I published new coronavirus infection preventive measures in Reiwa 2 to give it an order to start.

 ・News from the PTA.(June 19)

 ・I published preventive measures against infectious disease of the new coronavirus infectious disease in the specialized course subject.

 ・I published "the news about school zone".


As you will place the latest information in a simultaneous email and the homepage at a good time, please confirm it.




★★Health condition communication reception desk★★


Please contact school from the following communication form on every Wednesday.

※When there is no notification, the school will call you for confirmation.





1年生   2年生   3年生   4年生   5年生   6年生 


 News about learning 

I publish a document at first in the news of each school year from learning and the year.Click does an applicable school year, and please confirm it.

※When schools include the teaching materials, and there is the problem that it is difficult to wrestle,please accomplish as far as each family can do it.

1学年  2学年 3学年  4学年 5学年  6学年 

※As you update the news about learning at a good time, please confirm it.














About home learning using mobile devices


Information about staff recrutment

There is no the offer now.


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